whipple building

Our board certified physicians provide the highest level of care for our patients. Our physicians are trained to provide complete medical and surgical treatment for diseases and disorders of the entire urinary system for both adults and children. We have a Tufts trained uropathologist on staff to review all in house pathology. We also offer second opinions for all outside specimens. Our facility is equipped with the latest equipment. We have a full service center for continence as well as a large clinical research program. In conjunction with Sequoia Hospital Foundation local accomodations can be arranged for surgery patients traveling greater than 50 miles from out of town at the Sequoia Hospital Guest House.

The diseases and disorders that we treat include:

Prostate Cancers Erectile Dysfunction Male Andropause Kidney/Bladder/Ureteral Stones Overactive Bladder Urinary Incontinence in both Male and Female Male Infertility Pelvic Pain Disorders Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy Diseases of the urinary system, kidney, bladder, prostate & testicles General Pediatric Urology Issues

We offer the following speciality services and treatments:

Minimally Invasive Surgery Endoscopic and Laser Surgery- HoLAP , HoLEP, Green Light Laser -PVP Interstim Therapy Minimally Invasive Surgery In-office Ultrasound In-office Vasectomy In-office Bladder Tumor Treatment In-office Urodynamic Testing Urolift Urgent PC-PTNS     Our Physicians provide services at: CHW Sequoia Hospital San Mateo Surgery Center El Camino Hospital-Los Gatos